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22nd October 2019

Making recycled glass beads

Introduction Recycled glass bead production is predominantly done by the Krobo people who live in the south-eastern part of Ghana,occupying the eastern lower foothills of the Akwapim ranges and spread beyond the mountains to the east and west, reaching parts of the Volta River […]
21st October 2019

Recycled glass beads: Historical and cultural perspectives

Introduction Traditional glass beads made in Ghana are often referred to as “Krobo” beads because they are predominantly made in the Krobo area in the Eastern Region of Ghana. History Beads have been made in Ghana for many centuries. In the past beads have […]
20th October 2019

Etsy Stores

Love gorgeous, unusual beads, fabrics and gifts? Care about the environment? Welcome to the right place! With links to Africa, I source and sell authentic, superb quality beads and fabrics from talented craftsmen and women based mainly in Ghana, helping them earn a much-deserved […]